5 Helpful LinkedIn Links

LinkedIn logoI originally published the following post on this blog in July, 2007.  It contains 5 links to helpful LinkedIn resources.

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5 Tips for Job Seekers

A few months ago I left IBM.  I accepted a senior product management role at Marketwire+ Sysomos.  Since then some of my friends have asked me for job hunting advice.

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FRANKly delicious

Do yourself a favour and visit FRANK Restaurant at the Art Gallery of Ontario.  I recently had brunch there.  Delicious.

Using LinkedIn Effectively

I see more and more co-workers starting to use LinkedIn.  If you’re new to the service, you’ll want to checkout a post I wrote in the summer of 2007 entitled “LinkedIn Tips”.  It contains links to a number of helpful articles.

Updated: Fixed broken link.

Free email management tips

Gina Trapani, the founding editor of the Lifehacker blog, has published an updated book entitled Upgrade Your Life.  The publisher is offering free samples of the book in PDF format here.  The sample chapter contains 10 easy to use email management “hacks”.  Check it out.

LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn logo

Judging by the traffic in my personal inbox, it seeems a number of my colleagues have just discovered LinkedIn.

Although I`ve had account for a few years, it wasn`t until I listened this podcast interview with Reid Hoffman that I recognized the some value of it.

If you’re new to the service, the folks at Web Worker Daily offer 20 Ways to Use LinkedIn Productively

Guy Kawasaki has written a number of articles about using LinkedIn:

If you`re curious, you can find my profile here.