OLAP and InfoSphere Warehouse Cubing Services

Over at the IBM Data Warehousing & Analytics blog, Joseph Ng discusses the major OLAP architectures and InfoSphere Warehouse’s Cubing Services feature.  Joseph also provides a long list of free resources for Cubing Services.  Check it out.

Data warehousing best practices with DB2

Congratulations to Kate.  She just wrote her first post on the IBM Data Warehousing & Analytics blog.  You can read it here.

Free IBM InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7 Redbook

Just released: InfoSphere Warehouse: A Robust Infrastructure for Business Intelligence

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The components of IBM InfoSphere Warehouse

While reviewing the web traffic analytics report for this blog, I noticed a number of visitors looking for information about the components included in IBM InfoSphere Warehouse.

Here are two links that provide the information you’re looking for:

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Free trial of IBM InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7

A free trial of IBM InfoSphere Warehouse is now available.

You can download it here.

The trial allows you to evaluate the Enterprise Edition of InfoSphere Warehouse 9.7 for 90-days at no cost.  All features are enabled in the trial.

More free resources for InfoSphere Warehouse Cubing Services

imageBack in December, I highlighted the availability of the a new InfoSphere Warehouse Redbook that focused exclusively on our Cubing Services OLAP feature.

[If you’re unfamiliar with benefits of Cubing Services, check out this short video.]

Since then, the team at IBM International Technical Support Organization (ITSO) have been working hard with our InfoSphere Warehouse experts to deliver new 2 free publications.

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New InfoSphere Warehouse Redbook available

Are you looking to squeeze the most out of IBM InfoSphere Warehouse’s Cubing Services?

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