Egosurfing: How to “google yourself” automatically with Google Alerts

A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what’s going on. – William S. Burroughs Whether you call it egosurfing, egosearching, or vanity searching, you have probably tried “googling yourself” at least once.  That is, you typed your name into your favourite search engine to see what results appeared. If you want to keep […]

“We stopped sending our friends to Yahoo…”

Over the past few months, Presentation Zen has become a favourite blog.  The author, Garr Reynolds, routinely finds videos of talented speakers. Recently Garr linked to this 2006 presentation about high-tech marketing by author Seth Godin.  The title of the presentation is “The Power of Telling Authentic Stores in a Low-Trust World”.   The video is […]

Merlin Mann discusses “Inbox Zero”

Below is a video of Merlin Mann, author of the popular 43Folders blog.  In the video he presents his approach to personal productivity and email management to an audience at Google.  Anyone familiar GTD will recognize the similarities. Coincidentally, I have a very similar presentation that I have delivered to teams at the IBM […]