OLAP and InfoSphere Warehouse Cubing Services

Over at the IBM Data Warehousing & Analytics blog, Joseph Ng discusses the major OLAP architectures and InfoSphere Warehouse’s Cubing Services feature.  Joseph also provides a long list of free resources for Cubing Services.  Check it out.

The components of IBM InfoSphere Warehouse

While reviewing the web traffic analytics report for this blog, I noticed a number of visitors looking for information about the components included in IBM InfoSphere Warehouse.

Here are two links that provide the information you’re looking for:

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Helping Others Get Things Done

As a loyal reader, you already know that I have been using the ideas from David Allen’s Getting Things Done book for many years.  What you may not know is that I have also been helping many of my IBM co-workers discover GTD and get things done.

Like most knowledge workers, my friends and co-workers struggle with tremendous email volumes and balancing heavy workloads.  In my spare time, I developed a presentation that provides describes how I use Lotus Notes and GTD to become my productive.

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