Contact page added

I have added a contact page (using the cforms II plugin).

If you’re too shy to post a comment, use the contact page to send me a message.

New Media Roundup

WebbAlert – If you’re hankering for a tech news fix and you only have 5 minutes, check out Morgan Webb’s new video project, WebbAlert.

SlackerSlacker – A few months ago my favourite Internet radio application, Pandora, closed the box to non-US listeners. I suppose their partners didn’t believe all those users claiming their snail mail was delivered to the 90210 zip code.

Since then I’ve been experimenting with Slacker. Although persistent personalized radio stations are not available outside the US, the service is free and the default stations can be customized.

According to CNET’s Crave blog, Slacker intends to differentiate itself from Pandora and LastFM by selling a portable device that will stream your personalized radio stations via Wi-Fi.


If you’re an IT professional interested in lending your expertise to Canadian charitable and nonprofit organizations, you will want to check out MatchIT.

MatchIT is an IT volunteer matching exchange that connects skilled volunteers to IT and Web projects and opportunities in Canadian charitable and nonprofit organizations (NPOs). To make an IT match, NPOs and volunteers both need to register with the Matching Exchange. Once registered, NPOs can post a volunteer opportunity and IT volunteers can review and engage volunteer opportunities of interest to them.

LibriVox – Doesn’t Mr. Jobs have enough of your money?

If you broke the bank buying an iPod during the “boxing week” sales or are looking for something other than Justin Timberlake to load onto your MP3 player, you may want to check out LibriVox.

LibriVox is a great service for anyone that enjoys audiobooks, especially classics.  Here’s the description from the website:

LibriVox volunteers record chapters of books in the public domain and release the audio files back onto the net. Our goal is to make all public domain books available as free audio books. We are a totally volunteer, open source, free content, public domain project.

I noticed that iTunes lists Joseph Conrad’s unabridged Heart of Darkness audiobook for over CAD$ 20.  You can download it for free from LibriVox.

The horror, the horror, the horror…