Linux 0.01: “porting is impossible”

Loyal reader, Jeff, shared this article from the Kernel Trap.  It’s a historical summary of the release of Linux 0.01.  The article contains the original release notes and early exchanges from the comp.os.minix newsgroup. When one considers how successful Linux has become and the wide variety of platforms that Linux runs on, I thought theses quotes […]

Bill Gates, circa 1989

A friend sent me this nugget of personal computing history. It’s digitized recording of a Bill Gates speaking to the University of Waterloo Computer Science Club in 1989. If you curious about learning more about the history of the personal computing revolution, I recommend Fire in the Valley: The Making of the Personal Computer by Paul Freiberger […]

We’re hiring Software Developers!

A few weeks back, I mentioned that the DB2 Runtime/Compiler area was hiring co-op students.  Now, I’m excited to announce that we’re also hiring full-time C/C++ Software Developers.  The ideal candidates are innovative and energetic new graduates that want to develop world-class software at Canada’s largest software development facility, the IBM Toronto Lab. You can […]