Just say no to skeuomorphism

Apple iCal

What next, wood panelling?

From Fast Company:

Will Apple’s Tacky Software-Design Philosophy Cause A Revolt?

It’s official – Bob Rae wants to be the Liberal party leader

Here’s the proof…

Conservative ads target Bob Rae’s NDP economic record – Toronto Sun

The Conservatives are spending money on attacks ads that target the former socialist premier of Ontario.  Bob “Go for Broke” Rae is currently the interim leader responsible for keeping the near dead Liberal Party on life support.  I suspect the CPC believes that Bob, the man responsible for the most job loses in Ontario history, will break his vow and try to secure the Fiberal Party leadership.

This ad spending also suggests that the CPC does not see the NDP party as a credible threat.

Liberal Dalton McGuinty picks your pockets again

Ontario hiking driver and vehicle licence fees | CTV Toronto.

Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty is desperate for “revenue”.  The province he governs is now drowning in over $215 billion of debt.

Dalton and his Fiberals have mismanaged the province’s finances.  Ontario used to be the economic engine of Canada.  Now, Ontario is a “has-not” province that is reduced to receiving equalization payments handouts from taxpayers outside of Ontario.

Fisker sparky car dies during Consumer Reports testing

Fisker Karma car dies in Consumer Reports testing – chicagotribune.com.

Barack Hussein Obama’s administration gave Fisker Automative a half billion dollar loan guarantee.

Guess what, they don’t even manufacture these high quality cars in the USA.

The Karma’s price tag exceeds $100, 000.  I wonder how many unemployed US manufacturing workers can afford the Hollywood price tag?