4 Resources for Product Management Newbies

Every few weeks someone approaches me because they are interested in learning more about software product management.

Here are 4 resources for product management newbies:

1. Pragmatic Marketing – As far as I can tell, Pragmatic Marketing’s framework the industry standard for high-tech product management.  They claim to have trained over 60,000 product marketers and managers.  Even if you can’t afford the training, there are a lot of free resources on their website.  Be sure to sign-up for the free newsletter and magazine.

2. The Product Manager’s Desk Reference by Steven Haines – The most comprehensive book I’ve found on product management.

3. Toronto Product Management Association – If you’re fortunate enough to be located in the GTA, you should attend TPMA events.  They are inexpensive.  It’s a great way to meet product managers and learn about various companies.

4. The Cranky PM – Cranky offers cynical but hilarious insight into the “ugly side of software product development”.  Check out her book recommendations in the product review section.

Do you have any favourites?  What would you recommend to anyone interested in learning more about product management?  Post a comment below.