Canadians ticked at Rogers’ expensive iPhone 3G voice and data packages

Pricey packages have some Canadians dreaming of Manifest Destiny.

July 1st is Canada Day.  Like many Canucks, I look forward to enjoying the holiday and celebrating the 141th birthday of the greatest nation on Earth.  However, after seeing Roger’s iPhone 3G voice and data packages I have to admit, I’m a bit envious of my American neighbours.

Down south, Yankees that want to surf the web using their iPhone can subscribe to an unlimited data plan offered by AT&T.  The cost of the plan is $30 USD per month.  Canadian wireless carrier, Rogers, on the other hand, has not announced an unlimited data plan.  Instead, Rogers offers a maximum of 2 GB of data and 800 minutes of weekday voice calls for $115 CAD per month.  If you exceed the 2 GB limit, you are charged 50¢ per MB for the first 60 MB and 3¢ per MB thereafter.  The AT&T plan requires a 2 year commitment.  The Rogers plan locks you in for 3 years.  To make matters worse, Rogers iPhone subscribers are obligated to name their first born after company founder, Ted Rogers.  Ok, I made the last part up.

Fortune’s magazine’s Apple 2.0 blog observed that this pricey difference has iPhone-hungry Canadians hot and bothered.  Not content to just post vent in forums and blogs, some “radicals” have setup an online petition misdirected at Steve Jobs.

Loyal readers will remember that I had a very cool reaction to the first generation iPhone.  Unlike many in the blogosphere that greeted it like the Second Coming, I thought it needed more storage, longer battery life, and support for third-party applications.

With the second generation, it appears many of my concerns have been resolved.  Also, with Canadian availability, I had hoped US-style unlimited data pricing would sneak across the longest, undefended border.  Unfortunately, those rumours turned out to be false.  I guess you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

For now, I’ll shelve any plans of buying a iPhone 3G from Rogers.  Perhaps I’ll do the patriotic thing and consider the new Blackberry Bold.  Not only was Research in Motion started in Canada, but co-founder, Jim Balsillie, is eager to setup his own NHL hockey team.  You can’t get more Canadian than that!

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