Learning to use your digital SLR camera

It seems every other week, I encounter someone that has just bought their first digital SLR camera.  In most cases, these people had upgraded from a compact digital camera, also called a point-and-shoot camera.

I thought I would share some links to information which will help these beginners learn to use their new camera.

Unlike many compact, “point-and-shoot” cameras, a digital single-lens reflex camera offers more flexibility to create great shots.  Of course, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the options provided by your first digital SLR camera.

Here are two free websites that offer sample photos and interactive tutorials.

Canon’s Enjoy! Digital SLR Cameras

Nikon’s Digital Learning Center

Don’t worry if you don’t own a Canon or Nikon digital SLR camera.  A lot information is applicable to any digial SLR camera.

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  1. Hey John, these are great links! Many thanks. I agree that digital slr cameras offer more control so that you can create much better pictures. No matter the size of the picture you can always tell when the pic is taken with a point-shoot camera compared to a dslr.

    My Digital SLR

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