Has anyone tried TripIt?

A few months ago, I heard about TripIt from a rave review in Joel Spolsky’s blog.  Yesterday, I read another glowing review from Don MacAskill.

TripIt is a free web service that “automatically organizes all your travel plans.”  Supposedly you simply forward each travel confirmation email to their the plans@tripit.com email address.  Using the information in the confirmation emails, TripIt will then compile a personalized travel itinerary that includes weather, driving directions, maps, etc.  They claim to support Canadian travel vendors including Air Canada, WestJet, and ViaRail.

Has anyone tried it?

3 thoughts on “Has anyone tried TripIt?

  1. I am a consultant “road warrior” and have to manage my own travel so I guess that makes me a power user. I love the service for its simplicity and ability to share my plans with friends and family. Great having the ability to quickly get my info on my phone through the TripIt-2-Me features as well. I use it at least 3-4 times a month now.

  2. I just tried it and it worked for my Hilton confirmation email but failed with my Via Rail submissions and it is on the supported sites list. I’m a little disappointed, since I was thrilled with the idea behind the site.

  3. When it works, it’s cool. I’ve had trouble getting it to recognize all my plans and finally found that the cool-factor was not worth the trouble. I question how useful it is when it’s targeting people who already have access to their trip confirmations in email or outlook on their BB or IPhones.

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