Delegating to yourself

Today I had the pleasure of sharing my GTD-inspired email and task management system with a group of human resources professionals at IBM Canada.

In my presentation, I point out that a poorly defined task can lead to procrastination.  One simple way to increase the likelihood of getting something done is to actually articulate the physical action required to perform the task.

Coincidentally, I just ran across an article, entitled “Dear Me: Get to work“, that discusses this in more detail.  In a nutshell, the author suggests:

Write your tasks as if you are delegating them to someone you actually know.

He offers some examples to bring it home.

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  1. Hi John,
    in the spirit of GTD and keeping things simple, take a look at this little util site:
    It creates a small, custom notebook from a single sheet of paper and some folding. I won’t say more than this, just take a peek.


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