Lessons from FaceBookCampToronto

The turnout for Toronto’s first FaceBookCamp was impressive. Based on the conference room capacity, I would estimate there was close to 400 people.

The event even garnered some mainstream media attention. A co-worker heard about it on CBC radio. Amber MacArthur produced a segment for CityNews International.

Here are some interesting tidbits:

Facebook is the most accessed website in Canada (I still find this are to believe). There are approximately 3 million Canadians actively using Facebook. 66% access it at least once a day.

The Facebook application development platform has been available for approximately 2 months. Since there, more than 1700 applications have been developed – 10% of them are developed in Canada. A few applications are now reaching close to 10 million installed users.

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  1. It was indeed a huge turnout…so much so that the “unconference” really wasn’t one. Have you been to smaller unconferences / camp and if so, was there more active participation from the audience?

  2. Hi Phil, I’ve only been able to attend DemoCamp “unconferences”. They are significantly smaller and have more audience questions.

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