Mobile browsing with Opera Mini 4 Beta

Opera Mini - The free Web browser for nearly any phone

Frankly, I’ve never been very satisfied by the web browsing capabilities of mobile devices like cell phones and PDAs.

Lately, I’ve been test driving the beta version of Opera Mini 4 on a BlackBerry 8700 and so far it looks promising.

I’ve been most impressed by the zoom capability and `virtual`mouse. Both are demonstrated in this video.

One thing that makes Opera Mini different from other browsers is the fact that each web page is funnelled through a remote server for pre-processing. The Opera website claims:

Web content is compressed to reduce the size of data transferred, enabling handling on simpler phones and creating fast browsing at low costs.

I have experienced a noticeable delay while accessing the first website. I suspect this pre-processing is responsible for this. However, subsequent surfing doesn`t seem affected.