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Judging by the traffic in my personal inbox, it seeems a number of my colleagues have just discovered LinkedIn.

Although I`ve had account for a few years, it wasn`t until I listened this podcast interview with Reid Hoffman that I recognized the some value of it.

If you’re new to the service, the folks at Web Worker Daily offer 20 Ways to Use LinkedIn Productively

Guy Kawasaki has written a number of articles about using LinkedIn:

If you`re curious, you can find my profile here.

4 replies on “LinkedIn Tips”

  1. I like Linkedin but its just a static directory of resumes, no news or reason to use the site. They also try to charge you when you want to contact someone. You can contacts anyone for free on or

    My 2 cents

  2. I use to think LinkedIn was a waste and I sort of do still. It does come in handy though when a recruiter is trying to contact you and discovers you through someone else’s network. I had a discussion with someone the other day and I told her you should be on LinkedIn b/c it doesn’t hurt to not be on LinkedIn.

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