How to get your very own domain name

A co-worker that visited this blog asked how I got my domain name (  I thought I would share my answer.

To setup a domain name, you simply have to register it with a domain name registrar like GoDaddy, Network Solutions, NetFirms, etc.

Domain names are usually registered on an annual basis.  Often the registrar offers discounts if you pay for multiple years in advance.

It seems all registrars offer the usual .com, .net, .org variants.  If you want a .ca domain, you have to use a registrar that is certified by Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA).  The CIRA website provides a list of all certified registrars.

When registering your domain, you’ll want to consider paying extra for private registration.  Without private registration, your contact information is visible to anyone on the Internet via the WHOIS system.

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