Other ways of Getting Things Done

I’ve been using ideas from David Allen’s Getting Things Done book for more than a couple of years.  The GTD system has worked marvellously for me.

One of the great things about the GTD system is it can be implemented any number of ways.  It doesn’t matter if you prefer using pen and paper or a personal digital assistant device, like a Palm handheld.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a solution was designed from the ground up for GTD, you are in luck.  Recently, a number of applications have appeared on the horizon. 

If you’re keen for something web-based, you can visit Nozbe or Vitalist

If you prefer an desktop application, try MyLife Organized or ThinkingRock.  Developed using the Java programming langugage, ThinkingRock isn’t pretty, but does run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.  MyLifed Organized is available on Windows and Pocket PC platforms.

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